Stathead Hockey - Tips and Tricks

What makes Stathead such a powerful research tool is the depth and breadth of our databases, combined with the endless combinations of filters and search criteria at your fingertips. While some searches are straightforward, there's also many "hidden" tricks you can use to get the answer to questions that might seem unanswerable at first glance. Here's a few of our favorites to get you started. Check back frequently as we continue to add to this page.

Search for Team Season Stats

While the Hockey Stathead site does not have a "Team Season Finder" like other sports (though it does have a special team season finder for Advanced Stats), you can still search and filter for team stats by season and across multiple seasons. And it's easy! 

1. Go to the Team Game Finder

2. For single-season stats, select "Search for Cumulative Season Games matching criteria" at the top

3. For multi-season stats, select "Search for Cumulative Multi-Season Games matching criteria" at the top

4. Sort By whatever stat you are searching for

5. Apply any other filters you'd like to customize your search

6. Click Get Results!

TIP: If you want to look at a team stat that is not in the Sort By drop-down menu (such as Wins, Losses, Points, etc.), Sort By Season and the default results table will give you those stats.

EXAMPLE: if you want to find the most wins by the Bruins in their first 20 games of the season, follow Steps 1 and 2, Sort by Season, then in the Game Filters, choose Game Number, and enter 1 to 20. Then click Get Results and sort the table by the "W" column.