Stathead Baseball - Tips And Tricks

What makes Stathead such a powerful research tool is the depth and breadth of our databases, combined with the endless combinations of filters and search criteria at your fingertips. While some searches are straightforward, there's also many "hidden" tricks you can use to get the answer to questions that might seem unanswerable at first glance. Here's a few of our favorites to get you started. Check back frequently as we continue to add to this page.

How to find a team's best/worst record through X games of a season

Whether your favorite team gets off to a hot or cold start, it's interesting to track how they're doing compared to past seasons. And there's an easy way to do this using the Team Pitching (or Batting) Span Finder:

1. Go to the

2. Sort by Descending Wins

3. In Span of Games, enter the number of games into the season you are looking at

4. In Span Start or End, choose Start of Season

5. In Team filters, choose Team and then select the team you want to look at.

6. Click Get Results

7. To find the best/worst record, click on the W-L% column to sort it descending/ascending. To sort chronologically, click on the Year column.

How to find the percentage of runs scored by home runs for a team

1. Go to Team Batting Event Finder
2. Select 2021 to 2021 for Seasons
3. Choose a team (i.e. Chicago Cubs) in the Team drop-down
4. For Event Type, choose Home Runs
5. Click Get Results
6. Scroll down past the filters at the top until you see "Stats Summary for Matching Plate Appearances"
7. The "R" column is the number of runs scored by home runs for that team. You can then get the total team runs scored on their team page ( and calculate the percentage.
8. If you want to get a league-wide leader, simply do that for each team by changing the Team drop-down. If you'd like to get an MLB average, just choose Any Team in the Team drop-down. You can get total runs scored in MLB this season on this page (scroll to the bottom of the Team Standard Batting table for totals).

How to find MLB or League-wide splits trends season-by-season

For example, if you want to analyze MLB batting average in April for every season since 1901.

1. Go to Team Batting Split Finder (or Team Pitching Split Finder)

2. Sort by Year

3. In Choose Split Type, select the split trend you want to look at (i.e. Months), then choose the specific split (April).

4. In Team Filters, select League, then choose "Combine MLB Totals" (if you want MLB-wide stats) or "Combine League Totals" (if you want AL/NL stats)


5. Click Get Results