We currently are offering discounts for annual Stathead subscriptions (both single sports and all sports) via the verification service The eligible groups are Students (50%), Military (25%), First responders, Medical Providers, Nurses, Hospital Employees (25%), and Teachers (25%). For more information on and group eligibility, please go here:


Subscribers with a monthly plan (or trial) can switch to an annual plan and apply the discount anytime. Subscribers with an annual plan are able to apply the discount to their next billing when the subscription is within 30 days of renewal.

To apply the discount, go to the Your Account page, and click on the Change Plan link in the upper-right corner.
Switch your plan to Football Annual (it will show $80 but that will change on the next page after you verify your Nurse status) and click the purple Change Plan button.
On the next page, a link to “Verify now with” will appear below the Review Your Plan box.
Once you complete the verification process with, the annual plan prices should change and the Change Plan button will be clickable to complete the payment process.


To get the discount go to our Stathead site at

1) On that page, choose the subscription type you would like -- either choose a Single Sport (baseball, football, hockey or basketball) or All Sports -- and switch the button to Annual
2) Click the purple subscribe button. 
3) You then create an account, and when finished click Next at the bottom of the form. 
4) On the next page you'll see a line that says "Discounts available" and an "Add Now" link. Click that link and you'll be brought to our verification service 
5) After completing the verification process there, you'll return to the checkout page with the discount applied. You can then complete the purchase by filling in your payment method and clicking the purple Purchase button at the bottom.

For further information on and its verification methods, and to see if you qualify, please see this FAQ:

Please note that promotional offers and discounts cannot be combined. You are only eligible to use one (1) offer until your subscription renews, at which point you can apply a new offer. For any additional assistance, please reach out to