Stathead Basketball - Tips and Tricks

What makes Stathead such a powerful research tool is the depth and breadth of our databases, combined with the endless combinations of filters and search criteria at your fingertips. While some searches are straightforward, there's also many "hidden" tricks you can use to get the answer to questions that might seem unanswerable at first glance. Here's a few of our favorites to get you started. Check back frequently as we continue to add to this page.

Postseason Searches

In addition to the filters available for regular season games, there are several special filters and search tools available for playoff games. 

Player Single-Season and Career Stats

Using the Player Season Finder, you can select "Playoffs" in the Game Type filter, and then create your own custom playoff stats leaderboards. Did you know that only two players in NBA history have scored at least 5,000 points and grabbed at least 2,500 rebounds in the playoffs?  The answer: Shaq and Tim Duncan.

Team and Player Game/Series Stats

Using the Team Game Finder, you can filter by Playoff Round, Playoff Seed, Type of Series (best of 1, 3, 5, 7) and Game Number in the Series. Did you know that (entering the 2021 playoffs) only one team seeded 6th or worse has won the NBA Finals? The answer: 1995 Rockets, who were seeded sixth.

Using the Player Game Finder, you can filter by Playoff Round and Game Number in the Series. Did you know that only one player has scored at least 50 points and had 10 assists in a NBA Finals game? The answer: Jerry West in 1969.